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The Celebrities In The Eyes Of God

My dear encountered couples:

Wherever Jesus went there were people eager to see him. It seems they didn’t just want to see him, though, they wanted something from him. Usually it was a cure for their sicknesses, sometimes just to listen to him speak some words of wisdom. There seem to have only been a few who wanted to do things for Jesus, to give him something rather than to get something out of him.

When well-known and famous people come to town there are many who try to see them. Why? To give something to the celebrity? I doubt it. I suspect most of the onlookers are there for selfish reasons, whether for an autograph or just the thrill of being able to say, “Guess who I saw.” Some people are name-droppers. They like to mention the rich people they know, the movie stars they saw, the plays and concerts they attended. Why? Maybe because it makes them feel more important and more desirable to have rubbed elbows with somebody their friends would love to meet.

I think most of us must admit we’d at least step out the front door or look out the window to see pope Francis, president Trump, or Lady Gaga - and not necessarily in that order. There’s something about the holy, the important, and the notorious that attracts us to get a glimpse of them.

But let me tell you this. There is no one in the whole wide world who God would like to see and spend time with today more so than you. You are the one who catches God’s eye and wets his desire. You are the important one God wants to be with. Is he your first choice? Where is God on your list of celebrities? I think I know. Your prayers and your being at mass on Sundays tell me a lot. You are always getting a lot from being with God. And I think he is often benefiting from you.

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