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Who's The Source?

My dear encountered couples:

That miracle was certainly something to run around and tell everybody about. The man had been deaf and dumb and Jesus cured him. “Don’t tell anybody,” Jesus told him and all the people who saw it happen. Was he kidding! None of them was about to keep it a secret, especially not the cured man; he couldn’t keep his mouth shut if his life depended on it. Jesus doesn’t have that worry with us, does he? We seldom run around telling people about what God has done for us.

We have an ache or a pain, or see something disturbing in the mirror, and we begin to worry something terrible. Can it be cancer or a hernia or some serious infection? So, we pray for it to go away. And it does. Do we give God any credit, or chalk it up to just another passing whatever?

We get a citation from a cop for not wearing our seat belt, we don’t have enough money to pay the rent that was due yesterday, the dog bit the neighbor and he is taking it to court, and where is a can opener when you need one? Not major things, maybe, but after we petition God to help us survive all these things, and he does, who gives him any credit?

Maybe we need not tell everybody about the many good things that happen in our lives and say that God is the one doing them, but let’s try to realize it ourselves. Nothing good happens to anyone that God does not directly or indirectly bring about.

Don’t tell anybody,” Jesus said. And we don’t, do we? But that man did, so did those people. They all knew where that man’s good fortune originated, and they were not about to ignore the Source.

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