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Our Lady Of Lourdes

My dear encountered couples:

My heart is moved with pity for the crowd …” That is how Jesus caught the attention of his disciples. The Church is trying to catch our attention today. Why is that?

We recall today Mary’s appearance to Bernadette at Lourdes, France, in the year 1858. As you well know Lourdes is the number one pilgrimage shrine for the cure of the sick. And so, the Church is asking us that we offer our prayers, penances, and acts of charity today for all who are sick. This day has been designated as “World Day for the Sick.

What do you see when you look into the eyes of a sick person? I guess that depends on who the sick person is, how they feel at the time, whether they are an acceptor or a complainer. But if we take a good look, and with the eyes of our faith, we just might see Jesus Christ. For he is there. In every sick person is Jesus Christ, who by his suffering, dying, and rising achieved the salvation of the world. Ever thought of a sick person helping Christ to achieve salvation for you?

The sick might be handicapped, confined to wheel chairs or beds, but they are not to be counted out. Their very need for you to visit and care for them is part of your being saved. You are being invited to come out of yourself, forget yourself, share the good you have in yourself with someone who is in need. Those who help fill the needs of the sick not only help the sick, they help themselves. Or rather, it is the sick helping them.

From every sick person you care for, Jesus reaches out and touches you. Who of us can’t use as many of his touches as we can get? Pray for the sick today, do what you can for the sick often, and don’t forget to look into their eyes. If you look hard you just might see the eyes of Jesus Christ smiling back at you.

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