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Off To Work We Must Go

Friday in the Octave of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus kept appearing and reappearing to his apostles. He wanted them to be convinced of his having come back to life from the dead. And he had a lot to teach them. After three years of being with them, they still had a lot to learn. And so today we read about him appearing to them while they were out fishing.

Fishing for them was not the same as it usually is for us. For them it was a business, a livelihood — not a recreation or sport. They had a living to make and they were out doing it. That might surprise some people. Why weren’t they praying? Or why weren’t they sitting around discussing Jesus and all the things he had taught them?

We all must make a living. And we all must use the talents God has given us for making that living. There are times for us to pray and discuss the things of God, there are times we must earn some money, clean our houses, and cook some meals. God does not only understand that, he has arranged our lives that way. What Jesus wants us to know is that he is always right there with us as we are doing those things. And while we are doing them he might be interjecting some inspirations, some advice, some strength, courage, confidence, or whatever it is we might be needing.

We are to do what we are doing with all our ability and attention. Whether we pray, whether we work, whether we play, we are to put ourselves completely into it. For those who love Jesus Christ he will get through to them whenever and however he wants. Just keep loving him and making room for him in your life.

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