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God Guarantees It

Memorial of Saint Catherine of Siena, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

My dear encountered couples:

This boat in which we find the apostles, the storm that tried to sink it, and Jesus walking on the water to save them, is said to be representative of the Church. The Church will survive no matter how many things try to destroy it.

When it seems that persecutions, schisms, and lack of holiness will bring an end to the Church on earth, the Spirit of Christ will keep it going. Not all the forces of hell are able to sink the boat called the Church. It may become quite different as the centuries roll on, it may become unrecognizable to us of this age, but the Church founded by Christ will never disappear from earth. How about ourselves?

We go through all sorts of temptations, tests to our faith, periods of weakness, bad habits we can’t seem to get rid of, we lack love. Does that mean we will lose our faith, drown in our sinfulness, our souls will go to hell? Not if we keep our eyes on what sometimes might seem like a mirage. If we can’t sense Christ as always with us, at least try to see him in the distance. There he comes hurdling every obstacle that tries to keep us from him and reaching out to save our souls. “It is I,” he told the apostles, “do not be afraid.” And they found themselves safely on shore.

No matter what assails your soul, Christ is there with his Holy Spirit to ward it off and protect you. He has guaranteed it!

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