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No Slave Is Greater Than His Master

Thursday in the Fourth Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

No slave is greater than his master,” Jesus told the apostles, “no messenger outranks the one who sent him.”

Jesus is not trying to keep people in their so-called place; he is not trying to suppress any desire to rise above our educational and financial stations in life. He is telling us we are to imitate the essence of what he did during his life, which is summed up in his washing of the apostles’ feet. He was the servant of all. We are to reject any desire to dominate, rule, or enslave others. As he had done we are to do.

No slave is greater than his master.” They were not to exempt themselves from a sacrificial and caring life. “No messenger outranks the one who sent him.”

As God the Father had sent his Son to carry out his will, and not deviate from it, the apostles were to devote themselves to carrying out the mission Jesus was sending them to do. This is the same with us.

We know what Christ taught. We know basically how he wants us to live. We have a pretty good idea how we are to treat people, how to forgive people, or how to look out for the good of people.

We know we are not to use others, manipulate others, force others to live so that our own lives will be better. We are not to exempt ourselves from at all times being considerate and caring people as Christ was. And that is exactly what he is telling us when he says, “No slave is greater than his master, no messenger outranks the one who sent him.”

Jesus was like his Father, we are to be like Jesus.

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