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Handbook Of Principles

Friday of the Ninth week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

All Scripture is inspired of God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, correction, and training in holiness.” Paul made that statement in his letter to Timothy. And I believe him.

But don’t look into the Bible for simple answers to all life’s problems. In some cases you might find them, but often not. For example: The Bible says nothing about the use of atomic power, the morality of birth control pills, the values of corporation acquisitions and mergers, or women priests.

It is not clear about when we should turn the other cheek and when we should oppose injustice. Should we turn the other cheek when it comes to abortion? Should we look the other way when we ourselves and whole groups of people are living without basic human rights?

The Bible contains God’s words and teachings mostly in the form of principles for us to learn and examples to help us remember them. When we face a problem, we are to use those principles and apply them as best we can. God wants us to think, and then do what it is we believe his teachings indicate for us to do.

We might be mistaken in our conclusions at times. But life is for learning, it is for trying to do our best. Life is for trying to do what we figure is God’s will at this particular moment.

The Bible tells us to be loving, humble, honest, courageous, pure, and faithful. It tells us to avoid greed and lust in all their forms. Read the Bible, learn to think deeply and apply its principles to your life. it is inspired by God and exceptionally helpful for daily living and growing in goodness.

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