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What A Find You Are

Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

When you were a child was there anything you saw in a store window that caught your heart? You just had to have it. What did you do? Some children will do odd jobs around the house or the neighborhood to make the money to buy it. What they want means a lot to them, so they sacrifice their time and effort to cutting some grass, racking some leaves, shoveling some snow. Their thoughts are on that treasure, their time is devoted to getting it. That’s the way it was with the man who found the treasure in the field. “He went and sold all he had and bought that field.” Let us think of God as being that man!

A long time ago God discovered you in his field. He fell in love with you. He decided to do all that was necessary to purchase you. He sent his only Son into the world to live and die for you. Jesus, by his death and resurrection, gave all he had on behalf of his Father to purchase the treasure his Father wanted most - YOU! And so, you have been purchased. You belong to God. What are you expected to do? Stay in God’s field, on God’s earth, as long as you can, doing whatever good you can.

God usually acts in this world through people, through good people. You are one of those - at least you try to be. To God you are a treasure, and he wants you to be around on earth for a very long time. That means he needs you to stay healthy physically as well as spiritually. Yes, physically. What good are you going to do God on earth if you don’t stay here? God wants us to stay physically healthy. Does that mean we should give up smoking, do some exercising, watch what we eat? Could be. You are God’s treasure, you have captured his heart. Take care of yourself.

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