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Keep Holy The Lord's Day

My dear encountered couples:

KEEP HOLY THE SABBATH DAY!” That’s a commandment we are all familiar with. But how can we keep the Sabbath holy? What is required of us so that we know we have kept it holy?

Those were questions often asked by the Jewish people after they received the Ten Commandments. A lot of people like to have everything spelled out clearly so there is no chance of being mistaken. What must I do? What must I not do? What is expected of me in order to keep the Sabbath day holy and pleasing to God?

In answer to questions like these there developed in Judaism many rules, regulations, and specifications for each and every law. There became what might be called an obsessive interest in making explicit laws for everything imaginable. For keeping the Sabbath holy, all work was forbidden, the distance a person could walk was specified (50 cubits), rules concerning cooking, preparing meals, lighting a fire, and much, much more were put down in writing.

Laws concerning the Sabbath, originally meant to be a help for people, became a burden - the weekly holy day was no longer prayerful or restful, certainly not enjoyable. People were so busy making sure they didn’t break any Sabbath law, who had time to think about pleasing God? They probably were more concerned with pleasing the scribes and Pharisees.

Jesus denounced many of their Sabbath day laws.

How should you keep Sunday holy? Don’t ask. Continue to be concerned with everyday holiness and you will have no problem.

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