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What's Your Final Decision

Tuesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus prayed and then decided on who would be his apostles. We are to pray when we have important decisions to make. But know what? Praying doesn’t guarantee we will always make perfect decisions. Sometimes we will make mistakes. God lets even the most prayerful of people make mistakes for reasons private to himself. He knows that in the long run those mistakes will be the best thing for us.

Like with Jesus going up the mountain to pray before selecting his twelve apostles. We are told he spent the whole night in prayer. That’s a long time! And yet he made a mistake. After all that praying one of the twelve he picked turned out to be you know who - Judas Iscariot! Now that’s what I call a whopper of a mistake. After all that praying for guidance Jesus selected a man who would set him up, betray him to his enemies, and get him killed. From where we stand that choice of Judas was a really bad choice. Why did God let his very own Son do that? For his Son’s glorification and our salvation.

You will make mistakes. Though you reach the heights of sanctity, you will still most likely make mistakes. But don’t worry. God will correct them in his own way. He seems to enjoy bringing good out of all our goofs and blunders - as he did when Jesus picked Judas. Pray, do what you think is best, then trust God. He won’t let you down.

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