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Solid Faith Insurance

Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious

Scriptural Readings: Wisdom 13:1-9; Psalm 19:2-3, 4-5ab; Luke 17:26-37

My dear encountered couples:

Our gospel is like yesterday, a wake-up call about the coming of the Messiah. Only this time it is not about his first coming, but his second - the coming of the Son of Man in all his power and glory. Will we be ready for him?

We all try to be ready not only for the inevitable but for the possibles in life, especially the expensive possibles. We buy insurance to help us financially with a whole host of costly possibles. But how good is our insurance? For instance, does our medical insurance cover life in a nursing home?

There was a happily retired couple that had attained the American dream. A fully paid for house, two cars, plenty of money in the bank and investments to make them comfortable for the rest of their days. The husband had a stroke. He lived but needed round the clock care in a nursing home. $100 a day, $3000 a month, $36,000 a year. Their insurance didn’t cover nursing homes. The investments are sold, savings depleted, the house mortgaged and lost, the American dream gone. They thought they were solidly insured. Are we solidly insured for the Second Coming of Christ?

John in his letter tells us the best insurance is solid faith, always living according to the teachings of Christ. “Anyone who does not remain rooted in the teachings of Christ does not possess God, while anyone who remains rooted possesses both the Father and the Son.” Let us not risk losing the Christian dream. Let us not only pray for, but practice, solid faith.


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