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It's Time For House-Cleaning

Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle

My dear encountered couples:

Peter and Andrew, James and John left everything to follow Jesus. We must be willing to do the same.

Actually, since we are already following Jesus, we have also already left some things behind and eliminated some ways of living from our lives – for to be Catholic and Christian, we cannot think and live like people who couldn’t care less about God. If we are like them, then we are only fooling ourselves. We aren’t really Catholic and Christian.

This Advent season is a time when we can look into ourselves and see what we find. It is a time for house cleaning, throwing out the trash within us and making room for the really valuable.

This trash can be in the form of fantasies and desires that leave little room for the things of God. It can be the many pursuits that waste our time and keep us from helping out with the needs of others. It can be our laziness, our complaining, or gossiping. It might just be our being too selfish and self-concerned.

What is it you can throw out of your life and leave behind to follow Christ? And don’t say you can’t think of anything. There are always things that creep into our lives and our characters that aren’t good for us.

You are probably going to shop this Advent for special gifts for those closest to you. You will have to part with money to do that. Buy a gift for Christ - the gift of space — space in your life for him to have plenty of room to live in. You will have to part with some trash to do that. But you know it’s worth it. So don’t put it off. Get started now.

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