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God Multiplies The Seed

Wednesday of the First Week in Advent

My dear encountered couples:

With seven loaves of bread and a few fish Jesus fed this large crowd of people. When they had eaten until they were filled, the left-overs filled seven hampers.

No matter how often I hear that story, I inwardly smile at the expression that must have been on the disciples’ faces, and I wonder what they were thinking. Certainly, the entrepreneurs among them must have been tempted with the thought of getting Jesus to open a supermarket. With just one box of groceries from the wholesaler, they would have enough food to sell to every family in Israel.

You know what? Jesus does the same thing with our good works. You and I really cannot do very much for the people of the world in comparison to what needs to be done. It is like feeding that crowd with a bag of food. Impossible! But Jesus took that food and with his power made it multiply. He takes your effort, no matter how minute and magnifies it until it becomes like an act of God. For that is what it does become.

When you do anything with love because you think that is what God wants you to do, Jesus does it with you and it takes on his power. It becomes his action with you, a divine act with limitless results.

Never be discouraged by the enormity of the world’s needs. Do your part. God will generously multiply the value of your efforts.

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