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A Good Excuse To Call A Time-Out

Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus and his disciples were doing something not permitted on the Sabbath. Something that seems very minor to us but not to the Pharisees who were very scrupulous about keeping the letter of every law. The disciples were pulling off heads of grain as they were walking through the fields – that was their lunch, I guess. And Jesus was permitting it. “Look!” shouted the Pharisees, “Why do they do a thing not permitted on the Sabbath?” In other Gospel passages we find Jesus breaking Sabbath laws by curing the sick.

These passages are sometimes pointed to by people who want to work on Sunday. As we all know, Sunday has become about the same as any other day of the week. With the exception of an hour or so, or less, in Church in the morning (or Saturday night) Sundays are the same as Mondays to many people. Have we gone too far?

Look at it this way. We all need rest and we all need change. We can get both by using Sunday for that purpose. And we can do it without feeling guilty. Sunday is the only way of the week when your religion will back you up and give you an excuse to goof off. Why not take advantage of it?

Come to Mass, think of God’s goodness, and thank him. Think of him more often during the day. But lounge around, talk a walk, go to a movie. Rest and relax without guilt feelings. God had a really great idea. Why do we ignore it?

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