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God Is In Control ... Always!

Saturday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

Scriptural Readings: 2 Samuel 12:1-7a, 10-17; Psalm 51:12-13, 14-15, 16-17; Mark 4:35-41

My dear encountered couples:

Our readings today deal with faith. Basically, they always do. But Abraham and others in the Old Testament are specially praised for their faith by the author of Hebrews. He says that “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called and went forth to the place he was to receive as a heritage; he went forth, moreover, not knowing where he was going.”

Haven’t you felt like that at times? Not knowing where you’re going? A lot of people don’t even know where they’ve been. And Jesus in our gospel reading, after the apostles woke him up and told him the boat was going to sink in the storm, said, “Why are you terrified? Why are you lacking in faith?” They, unlike the others, didn’t get praised for their faith.

We probably find it easier to identify with the apostles. They often lacked faith just like us. We hesitate, we get frightened … we worry. Sometimes we feel paralyzed. Why? Well, maybe because we feel alone. That’s when we have to remember those people of faith. They didn’t see God either. But they believed he was with them. The apostles, though, did see Jesus. But they saw him sleeping.

God might seem at times to be asleep, but he never really is. He knows what’s going on – and he’s in control. You might not know where you’re going, where you are, or where you’ve been, but he does. And he’ll take care of all the storms.

Try to believe. And someday you’ll find yourself living with all those men and women of faith. That’s where you’re going — where they are.


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