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Did You Wash Your Hands

Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

Scriptural Readings: 1 Kings 8:22-23, 27-30; Psalm 84:3, 4, 5 and 10, 11; Mark 7:1-13

My dear encountered couples:

There were very many customs among the Jews that were given religious import. Something as hygienically prudent as washing your hands before eating, and also washing your cooking and eating utensils, were given a religious value. We wash all those things without religion entering into it.

But we could make them religious. We can add a spiritual value to everything we do. HOW? By offering whatever we do to God.

Remember what St. Paul once said. “Whether eating or drinking, whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.” When you wash your hands do it for God, for love of God, for the glory of God, and it will have eternal, spiritual, meritorious value. When you wash your pots and pans and dishes, do it for God. When you turn on the TV do it for God. When you floss your teeth before you go to bed, do it for God, not just for your dentist.

Isn’t it a bit difficult always trying to remember to do all our actions for God? Won’t it drive us sort of crazy saying in our minds, “This is for God,” “That is for God,” every time we do this or that? Probably! That is why we were told when we were young to offer our entire day to God when we rise up in the morning. “Whatever I do, today, God, I do for you,” should be among our first words of every day.

But then we had better be sure it is only good things we do. God wants no part in any evil.


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