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Trust Me

Thursday of the Third Week of Lent

My dear encountered couples:

Ever see or experience someone doing something good and then find yourself wondering what they were up to? What are they trying to get out of their deed for themselves? You don’t exactly trust their motives. Maybe we see too many movies that depict sly and dishonest people, and, therefore, we mistrust most everyone.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus was casting out devils. They accused him of being a devil himself. They didn’t trust him. And they didn’t even have any movies to influence them.

I guess some people cannot trust others easily. Maybe they have good reason for that. Too many may have already taken advantage of them.

But let me tell you one thing I have observed. Dishonest people usually distrust most everyone else. They know they themselves can’t be trusted and figure no one else can either. Maybe that’s why some of those Jewish people didn’t trust Jesus and accused him of casting out devils with the power of the prince of devils. They were so untrustworthy themselves that they put everyone else, including Jesus, in their own category.

That’s one of the major resulting punishments from being a liar and a deceiver - suspecting everyone else of the same. Dishonesty carries its own punishment within itself. It, like all types of sins, makes us more distant from other people.

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