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Let Go

Tuesday in the Octave of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Mary Magdalene was so overcome with joy when Jesus revealed himself that she must have reached out to embrace him. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. “Do not cling to me,” Jesus says. I really can’t imagine him restraining her enthusiasm and love. But perhaps this is for our instruction.

Mary probably thought she knew Jesus as well as anyone, perhaps better. But she didn’t even recognize him. She needed to give much more thought to who he really was before the full truth could enter her mind. She needed to step back and take a better look before she could understand the true meaning of Jesus and his life. She had to let go of his visible presence in order to be able to discover his deeper, hidden realities.

Perhaps we need to consider whether there are things in our lives that though they once helped us to get to know God, they now keep us from getting any closer to him. Even certain religious practices can become such habits that they are more important to us than the God to whom they are supposed to lead us? If they do, are we clinging to them too tightly? Maybe we need to reevaluate our priorities. Should we let go of something in order to obtain something better?

Mary had to give up the visible body or presence of Jesus to really reach him. She now knows it was worth it. Think about that and try to discover if you cling to anything too much.

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