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Listen And Learn

Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

If Stephen had kept his mouth shut, he wouldn’t have gotten stoned. But if he would have kept his mouth shut those people would have missed the opportunity to learn what was going on with their God and Messiah. Seems they didn’t want to know.

We certainly can’t say we don’t have the opportunity to find out what is going on in today’s world. Information comes at us from just about every angle. The many talk shows and interviews on television are enough to keep us informed of more than any of us could ever dig up on our own. We might not like what we hear, we might think some of it is ridiculous, crazy, bazaar. We might not want to believe what we hear. But there it is – people telling us that’s how they think and that’s how they live – far from our way of thinking and living.

We might tend to condemn them, become disgusted with them, but we would be making a big mistake if we stuck our heads in the sand and pretended life in the world didn’t contain what we hear. Today more than ever, secret thoughts and lives are being revealed. And we can all learn something or other from those revelations. We can learn from other people’s mistakes, we can learn from their successes; we can learn a lot of things about ourselves.

Those Jews who stoned Stephen were set in their ways. They weren’t interested in anything new; they held their hands over their ears. They committed a great crime. Let us learn to listen and learn to learn.

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