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Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

My dear encountered couples:

When Jesus was transfigured on that mountain, he was giving Peter, James, and John a preview of the resurrection, a preview of what happens to all of us after death – at least to those of us who go to join Moses and Elijah.

When we pass over from this life to the next and go to live with God our appearances will be changed, and a heck of a lot to the better. You see? There is always something to look forward to. We might be growing older and more wrinkly here, but there on God’s mountain, in his heaven with Moses and Elijah we’ll be young again - smooth and beautiful forever – never again in need of plastic surgery or a face-lift.

But for that to happen we have to start thinking less of our outward appearances and more about our inner qualities. What Jesus was doing was showing his three friends what he was really like inside. The glory of the divinity and humanity in Jesus shone forth on that mountain we call Transfiguration. His goodness was seen by Peter, James, and John.

When we go through death, when we pass over to the other side, what we are deep inside ourselves will be seen by all who look our way. Your soul will make its grand appearance. What will they see? How will you look? Will your transfiguration be a wonderful thing to behold –or like some nightmare on Elm Street. Will you look beautiful or ugly?

To insure you look your best, spend the rest of your life in a beauty parlor - God’s beauty parlor – where the Holy Spirit is your soul’s beautician, and the model in the picture on the wall that you want to look like is Jesus Christ.

God wants your transfiguration to be as glorious as his Son’s. But beauticians are costly. Are you willing to pay God’s price?

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