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Monday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

In this story about the possessed man living in the cemetery, screaming and hitting himself with stones, there is a very interesting observation. After Jesus had cured him and he was sitting peacefully, perfectly clothed, and perfectly sane, fear seized the town people who came out to see what was going on. And when they found out they asked Jesus to leave their district.

You would think they’d be happy that the devils were driven out of this man and that he was finally perfectly normal and capable of happiness. He could go back to his family and live a regular life. Jesus had given him back his dignity. But they weren’t happy about that. They seemed to prefer that things were as they had been. They could accept the situation when the man was alone and miserable, when he didn’t even know who he was. But now that he was just fine and like them, they became very unhappy and uncomfortable. They told Jesus who had done this thing to go away and leave them alone. They didn’t want any troublemakers around.

Society often seems to go along and get along with things as they are. The “status quo” it is called. Even though there are many homeless people, cold, lonely, void of self-esteem and the bare necessities of life, others seem content with that situation. When someone tries to change it, tries to help a person acquire a home, an education, a job, dignity and self-esteem, he may find himself in hot water. For that disturbs the tranquility of other people. Try to raise someone up to equal status and equal rights with others and they want you out of town. People have been shot for such efforts. Does that stop you? Jesus helped that man anyhow. Are you like Jesus? Or like those respected town folks?

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