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Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

I’ve sometimes thought, “What fun it would be to hitchhike across the country!” Then I begin to think of all that I would want to take with me: all my bathroom articles, several changes of clothes and shoes for all kinds of weather, something to read, beach towel, umbrella, etc., etc. Since I’d probably need more than a wheelbarrow to cart it all in, I shelve the hitchhike idea.

Jesus knew how to do it. He tells the apostles. Don’t take anything with you except a walking stick. I guess he figured they’d need that when their feet would become sore. Don’t take any food or suitcase, forget the visa and mastercharge. Better wear a pair of shoes though - sandals (at least they were ready for the beach). They were to rely upon God working through people to supply all their needs. Jesus was really giving them a crash course in TRUST.

Our course in “trusting in God” usually is not as intense and daring. But sometimes it is, when unexpected disasters occur or quick decisions need to be made. To be better prepared for these we need to learn how to trust God in the smaller, everyday events. Each night, look back over the day. Discover how God got you through it all, in spite of your bumbling. He got you through yesterday, he’s doing it again today, and he’ll do it tomorrow. He is giving you a course in TRUST!

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