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Saturday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus and his apostles were tired. They had been hard at it for a long time and needed rest. But no matter where they went to get a little R and R, the people sought them out. So, Jesus seeing their needs began to teach them. And our reading emphasizes, “He taught them at great length.”

We all experience overwork. There are times when we feel we just can’t do anymore and need some rest. But circumstances sometimes prevent us from getting that rest. Someone wants us for something important — at least important to him or her — or some other duty must immediately be taken care of. It is times like those that we really need to rely on God’s strength to go on. Physically by ourselves we cannot make it, but when we accept a little help from God and believe that he is giving it to us, it is surprising what we can do.

Like a playful puppy can bring life into a tired old dog, God can energize us to do more than we imagine possible.

Remember this. God brought you into existence and put you on this earth. He gave you all that you have and are. But science tells us we only use a small part of our potential. There is much lying in reserve. Ask God to help you to discover it and use it, especially at those times when you feel worn out. God will not allow you to be used beyond your strength and ability. Believe that, and do what life calls you to do — with God at your side.

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