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Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus speaks of PEACE. That’s something we all yearn for. Not only the cessation of wars but the ending of all disagreements, strife, and quarrels. Freedom from worry, assurance of security, inner contentment.

Jesus says the world does not give that kind of peace. He’s right. The peace the world has to offer cannot contain all those things. And that is because where there is lack of faith in God, and lack of love of fellow men and women, peace is impossible. A taste of it today, a whisper of it for tomorrow, a hope for the distant future, that’s all this world can give us.

“Peace is my farewell to you,” Jesus told his disciples, “my peace is my gift to you. I do not give it to you as the world gives peace.” What does Jesus mean by that?

Again, as like yesterday, when speaking of our own personal relationships with Christ that are unique and impossible to give or explain to others, the peace that Jesus wishes to give us is for each of us only. If you allow yourself to rest in Christ, to trust in Christ, to live and love in Christ, your own special “peace” will envelop you. In the midst of whatever might happen to you, that peace stays with you as Christ is with you. But you must learn how to call it up when you need it.

Always remember the resurrection. It is your proof of victory over anything that tries to disturb you. Shalom! May heaven’s peace be with you!

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