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Tuesday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Today’s Gospel may be difficult for us to understand. While Jesus was preaching, his mother and brothers approached the disciples. They told them that they wanted to talk with Jesus. The disciples then went to Jesus and told him that his family had come and they wanted to speak with him.

Jesus must have surprised the disciples with his response. He immediately responded: “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” I assume the disciples were somewhat taken aback by Jesus’ response. After all, his words gave the impression that his mother and his brothers were unimportant to him. It almost sounded like he had disowned them. However, Jesus wanted to convey a very different message to his listeners. Jesus then said: “Any person who does God’s will is my brother, sister and mother.”

I assume that all of us wish to be considered Jesus’ brother, sister, mother, or father. However, the condition for this relationship is that we have to do the will of his heavenly Father. The question I have is: How do I know what God’s will is for me? I have not received an official letter from God commissioning me to go to a foreign country to be a missionary. However, every day I interact with individuals who may need a listening ear, support, or laughter. Perhaps God’s will for me is to be inclusive and loving with every individual who crosses my path!

Today as you go about your day, I invite you to be aware of the gifts you can share with the individuals you meet. They don’t have to be big gifts; they may seem insignificant to you. However, the other person may be blessed with your small but generous gift. Be attentive to the gifts you receive today. They truly are gift and blessing!

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