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Feast of St. James, Apostle

My dear encountered couples:

The ways of heaven are often opposite to ways of earth. Jesus talks about those who rule. On earth kings and queens, emperors and Caesars often remind people of their power and importance. They expect to be honored, served, and obeyed. Their bark and their bite are often respected and feared.

With Jesus it was different. Even though he was God and therefore of the highest of authority, he did not come to push us around and be served. He came to serve us, to wash our feet, to help us with our needs, to die for us. He came to show us how to really become great. His life shows each of us how to live, his ways with people show those in authority and power how they are to rule - not for selfish benefit, but for the good of the people. Do you think Jesus achieved much success?

Lessons of authority and greatness must begin in early child-hood. Children must learn to treat the family pet with gentleness and concern; they should never be allowed to pull the cat’s tail and kick the dog. Big brothers and sisters should learn how to feel pride in caring for the younger members of the family instead of bossing them around for selfish reasons.

Acquiring respect and consideration for others early in life can affect our behavior in adult years. “Anyone who aspires to greatness,” Jesus said, “must serve the rest.” Yes, the ways of heaven are often not our ways.

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