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Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

My dear encountered couples:

Everyone has it rough, maybe not everyone at the same time, but sooner or later every person gets crosses to carry. And it’s usually sooner than later.

Today we celebrate the feast called “Triumph of the Cross.” Actually, it isn’t the cross triumphing that we are celebrating but the victory of the person who carries the cross. We are celebrating the victory of life over death of Jesus on his Cross. He carried and managed his cross so well (not only that wooden cross but the cross of his entire life) that he became Conqueror of all that is Evil.

Jesus through handling all his crosses made it possible and worthwhile for us to face ours and make them work out for good.

The Jews in the desert complained to Moses often about their crosses. Today’s reading contains a complaint that maybe has often passed our own lips: “We are disgusted with this wretched food.” They were getting a free handout. They were on welfare. They were like children who weren’t growing the food nor making the money to buy it. God’s desert provided it for them. All they had to do was bag it, cook it if they wanted, and eat. It was free!

Complaining about crosses might sometimes help, but complaints without involvement and doing something constructive is a waste of time and makes us whiners (not winos - whiners) and gets us nowhere. Triumph over your crosses. Make them work for you. Christ is always available to help you. God’s power is with you.

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