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Memorial of Saint Jerome, Priest and Doctor of the Church

My dear encountered couples:

“I’m the greatest!” Who was it that said that? Was it the heavy weight boxing champion of the world, Mohammed Au? If he said that, he was probably right - at least at the time in regard to prizefighting. We are all meant to be the greatest.

“A discussion arose among the disciples of Jesus as to which of them was the greatest.” When we were children maybe we had some of those discussions, or arguments. Now that we are grown up, we only have those discussions in our minds, in secret. I can do this or that better than her or him. Maybe I’m even the greatest in the whole wide world. As I just said, “We are meant to be the greatest. All of us!” How can all of us be the greatest?

Can’t only one person be the greatest? If you are the greatest and I am the greatest, if she and he are the greatest, how can that be? That’s another miracle of God. He arranged it that way. God so made us that we can all be the greatest without diminishing the greatness of any other person even one little bit.

You are unique, I am also one of a kind. We are all different. There is no one else like any of us. Oh sure, there are people with some similarities to you, but no one is exactly the same as you. Since God is infinite, since there are no limits to him, and since we all come from God, each and every one of us has been made to be different. And we are meant to use our differences in as well a way, and to as high a degree, as we can. When we do that we become the greatest in a category all our own.

“I’m the greatest!” Who said that? I hope it’s you. For that is what you can be.

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