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Wednesday of the Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Though Jesus may be talking about several things, it seems to me one of them is what is called “Prudence.”

If you are going to build something, go to war, or whatever, give it thought to see if it makes any sense and if you are capable of carrying it out. Don’t make a fool of yourself. But Jesus does not want you to be so paralyzed with fear that you don’t do anything. After thinking and planning, do something. Maybe you’ll still be wrong, but then you will have the experience needed for the next attempt.

Prudence not only means to use careful judgment and common sense, but prudence means to proceed with caution. It does not tell us to stop, but to proceed - to move and do something - to think it over and then act.

Jesus wants us to realize what becoming one of his followers involves. It means leaving behind some of the things that have become part of our lives, but which really will not help us become loving people. We need not make ourselves sad by concentrating on what must be given up. We should focus our attention upon that which is best for us to pursue. What we leave behind will soon not be missed.

Consider your Christian commitment seriously. Do you really want to pursue that way of life every day? If so, and I hope you do, proceed, give it your all. God will crown your efforts with success.

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