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Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier, Priest

My dear encountered couples:

There is much for us to see and hear if only we would look and listen. Though we might not see Christ in the flesh and hear his voice audibly with our ears, if we would take time to become aware of what takes place in our lives we would notice his hand and his involvement in much that happens.

Once the Son of God came to earth as Jesus Christ he never really left. Visibly, yes, but invisibly, call it spiritually if you like, he is still here. And because he is God he is able to be with each of us individually and perform wonders that we on most occasions are not even aware of. Try to look and listen with your mind and you will see Christ doing in your life through events and through people many things for your advantage.

People say, “If God loves me, why doesn’t he show it by doing this and that and whatever it is I pray f or?” He does love us, and he is showing us, he is doing all those things and many more. We are just too blind to see, too deaf to hear.

“Blessed are the eyes,” Jesus told his disciples, “that see what you see. I tell you, many prophets and kings wished to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”

Christ is in our lives every day speaking to us and doing wonders. Let us look. Let us listen. Let us believe.

May you live happily in this world without letting it blind you. It is only temporary.

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