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Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

My dear encountered couples:

By his story of the lost sheep, how God never gives up trying to save everyone, we should all feel consoled. If we get lost we know God is looking for us. But there is the danger that we might leave all the saving of other people up to God. As God forgives sins through his priests, not that he can’t forgive the sins of people many other ways also, God usually seeks out his lost sheep and saves them through people. He knows that he can have more success working through visible means than through invisible ones. People can see you, they can’t see God.

Maybe some of us are more in need of being saved than others of us, but I think we all take our turns at wandering off. We are also to take our turns at assisting God in the finding and saving of others. Today you are in need of being found and saved, tomorrow you are needed in the founding and saving of someone else. God wants us to join him in this saving business so we can enjoy the successes and share in the rewards.

Sometimes you might be needed for having a serious discussion with someone about the way he is living. Other times there is just your being a good person who lives a life of faith and trust in God. A word here, a smile there, a good attitude, and above all - patience. People notice those things. It affects them. We all are affected by the words and attitudes of others. Let us not be hindrances to God. Let us be helpers in his plan of salvation.

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