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Wednesday in the Third Week of Advent

My dear encountered couples:

Most of us have ideas and plans for our futures. You probably have today all planned out. Or your routine obligations have it planned out for you. But we never know. Something may come up and change it all. What you expect to do today might not be what you end up doing. What you plan for next year or the year after that just might not ever come to be. That’s the way it was with Joseph.

Joseph had made plans to marry Mary. He was preparing their future together with a place to live and money to live on. I’ll bet he lay awake at night sometimes thinking and dreaming about it. But it never came to pass. God had other plans. Mary was to have a special child, not really Joseph’s, and they were to live not in the fine house Joseph was preparing, not even in Nazareth, not even in Israel. It was to Bethlehem and then off to Egypt, at least for awhile. Joseph and Mary had a lot of readjusting to do.

It is not easy to remain open to the many possibilities that can become actualities in our lives. We like security; we like to know what lies before us. When it comes right down to it, our only security is God. Everything else lies open to change, without any prior notice.

But God is in control of all that happens. Stick with him and we ride through our roller coaster lives safely and securely. Joseph trusted in God, and, though his life held many surprises, he made it through. So will you. For God is with you.

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