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Tuesday in the Fourth Week of Advent - Mass in the Morning

My dear encountered couples:

The day before Christmas. Are you ready? Some people were ready weeks ago. Others are still running around frantically trying to get all the shopping and preparations done in spite of the fact that they were warned by the advertising industry way back in October to get with it. Christmas always seems to get here, ready or not. Among which group do you find yourself?

If midnight tonight were the time of your departure from this lovely planet of ours into eternity, how would you spend the day? Would you be ready, like those people who have everything ready for Christmas? Or would you frantically be trying to take care of what you left for the last minute? Maybe running around asking forgiveness of all the people you offended, maybe finally forgiving those who have offended you and you’ve been harboring a grudge against, or maybe paying those people you owe money to. Are you all settled and ready to go and meet your God? Or do you have some things you’ve been putting off?

Christmas is a good dress rehearsal for our departure from this life. If you will be spiritually ready to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ when the clock strikes twelve tonight, then you will also be ready to go and live with him in heaven. Some people might say they are too busy taking care of all the material preparations for tomorrow; they don’t have time to worry about the spiritual stuff. Isn’t that many people’s excuse every day? Too much to do. Put God on hold. “I’ll prepare for him when I get older.”

Christmas is about here, and we’re all older than we think. The day before Christmas. Are you ready for your Lord?

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