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The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

My dear encountered couples:

The first words of John, “In the beginning.” The last day of 2019. At midnight another year has its beginning. A fresh start with hopeful anticipations. What anticipations did God have?

Were they such that when the Word, the Son of God, would come into the world he would be received with open arms, listened to and followed? Being God He knew better since God knows all things. But how wonderful it would have been to him if the best of his hopes would have been fulfilled.

John tells us otherwise. The people did not accept him. We know the story. They murdered him. But even that was not going to keep the Savior from his people, from the few who did accept him. He was going to stay in the world whether welcome or not to try to win the hearts of even the most callused.

You continue to celebrate the beginning Of the human life of the Son of God, the life of Jesus. Do you really accept him with open arms, listen to all he says and follow him? Or is your celebration shallow and passing? Your presence here seems to say that you are sincere.

When midnight arrives and the new year is cheered in, rejoice that you have another beginning to more fully accept the Son of God. Resolve that during the new year your arms will open even wider, your heart will love ever deeper - Him, who is God’s gift to the world and you.

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