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Thursday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

God’s will be done! That is what we know is best for all of us. No matter what we pray for, if it is not according to God’s will, then certainly we don’t want it. If it is not good for us, if it will harm us or someone else, we certainly do not want God to grant our requests. And so, when we pray, we are accustomed to add, “Your will be done.” Jesus himself included that in the Lord’s prayer.

Today we have a leper coming up to Jesus to ask for a cure. “If you will to do so,” he told Jesus, “you can cure me.” And Jesus said, “I do will it. Be cured.” We can be sure that Jesus would not have cured that man if he knew it would not be good for his soul. How could not being cured of something not be good? We might never be able to see that clearly in the case of a sickness or handicap, but it is obvious in the case of money. A poor person is more likely to seek out God than a rich person. A person with seemingly unlimited wealth might be more inclined to depend on his wealth than on God. We humans seem to have a tendency to forget God when we don’t have problems, and that is not good for our souls.

When we pray for ourselves or others, it is perfectly acceptable to make it clear to God what exactly it is we want. But knowing we don’t know what is always best for the soul, we should be sure to add, “But only if you will it, Lord.” God loves you and your loved ones more than you do. Trust his judgment.

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