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Friday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Though we are told that King Herod was disturbed by the accusations hurled at him by John the Baptist about his marrying his brother’s wife, we are also told, “He felt the attraction of John’s words.”

It seems like John was getting to him, the king was drawn by what he heard. Had John started a conversion in the soul of the king? If so, it didn’t take hold. The life style of his court, and the strong influence his wife had on him, were successful in snuffing out any thoughts of repentance and reform that Herod may have ever entertained. He had John beheaded and continued living in sin.

We all experience the influence of Christ’s words. When we hear the gospels, or read them ourselves, it is hard not to be drawn toward goodness. We get moved to shape up our lives, we are filled with desire to become better people. But then along comes temptation. The world gives us other thoughts, society endorses sinful ways of living, and we might have a few friends who don’t exactly see eye to eye with Christ. So, like Herod, we find ourselves having to make a choice. He made the wrong one. Let us not do the same.

Let us not just feel attracted by the words of Christ, then go away and forget them. Let us hold on to his words and live them.

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