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Monday of the Third Week of Lent

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus was trying to help the people by what he said. Instead he offended them. He wanted them to know their faith was off the mark. They had an incorrect notion of God; they misinterpreted the Scriptures in regard to the Messiah. He had come to clear it up for them. But as their fathers before them, anyone sent from God they usually rejected, sometimes even murdered. It is not easy to stand corrected and be happy about it.

We all have differing beliefs and opinions about many things. The more peace loving among us might avoid subjects we differ on, and therefore talk only about those things with which we agree.

Most of married couples experienced this. A husband would say: “Can’t change my wife’s mind anyhow, so why get all bent out of shape about it.” A wife would say, “You go on thinking what you want to think, I’ll go on thinking what I want to think.”

As husband and wife, is that your philosophy? “You keep your mind closed and I’ll keep mine shut tight too.”

You know what a closed mind is? It’s the kind of mind the other guy has when he refuses to agree with you. The leaders of the Jews seem to have had a closed mind in regard to anything Jesus told them. They seem to have disagreed with him on about every religious subject; they seem to have refused to look at anything from anyone else’s point of view.

How sad! Do you that in your relationship as husband and wife? If so, you are missing out on a lot of education. You may have a college degree, but it isn’t worth a plug nickel unless you have learned how to listen and consider the words of your spouse and others with as much open mind as we can muster. Have you been aware of Jesus trying to tell you anything new lately?

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