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Monday in the Octave of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Have you ever been accused of anything you didn’t do? The disciples of Jesus certainly were. They were accused by the soldiers who were guarding the tomb of stealing the dead body of Jesus. I wonder how many people believed that story.

Many people are accused of things these days. The press, when it gets on somebody’s case, can make a whole country of people lean towards believing what they say is true before there is a trial or a hearing of any kind. It seems we want to believe the worse about people, especially about people who are way up on the ladder of fame and success. Wouldn’t it be awful to be in their shoes? Our reputation would be soiled for the rest of our lives, whether we were innocent or guilty, not to mention the many sleepless nights we would have to go through.

The disciples of Jesus were innocent of what they had been accused. And let us take note: It wasn’t just the press but the government that was accusing them.

Let us try to keep open minds on people we hear negative things about. If they are not guilty of the charges, we certainly would not want to be in the crowd who adds to the ruination of their reputations with false accusations. For then we would be guilty of something much worse: SLANDER! And if they are guilty, let us realize we all probably have a few skeletons in our closets we would like to keep hidden there.

Pray for those who are accused. They are your brothers and sisters. God loves them all. And who knows? Someday you might need their prayers.

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