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Friday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Scriptural Readings: Acts 13:26-33; Psalms 2:6-7, 8-9, 10-11AB; John 14:1-6

My dear encountered couples:

Today Jesus tells his disciples (and all of us): “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Take a moment and check the condition of your heart. Is your heart troubled in any way? If so, what are you concerned or worried about? Have you taken your concern to Jesus? What are you holding in your mind and heart?

Jesus tells us to have faith in God and also to have faith in Him. Do we truly have faith in God, Jesus and the Spirit? If so, how deep and real is our faith? Do we truly believe that Jesus is with us every moment of our day? Is our faith a “daily” faith? Or do we have a “Sunday” faith? Do we have a personal relationship with Jesus? Or do we turn to Jesus only when we are struggling and have a need?

Jesus longs for us to come to Him, to turn to Him. He longs to have a deeply personal relationship with us. Jesus loves us and desires to be in communion with us. Perhaps we need to ask ourselves: how great is my desire to be in communion with Jesus? Jesus longs to strengthen us and grace us but we have to have open minds and receptive hearts to Him and His presence.

Today may we take any troubles, concerns or fears that we have to Jesus. Jesus will walk with us, strengthen us, heal us and gladden our hearts. Jesus truly is our “Way, Truth and Life.” The question for us is: will we choose to walk daily with Him? He is waiting for us! Will we choose to walk daily to Him?

Pray with me: Dear Lord, you have given us the gift of caring about what we believe. Today’s world is full of uncertainty. The direction, in which things are heading, is far from clear. You deliver a message with confidence, but we find ourselves with worries and doubts. In our encounters with You, help us to discern what is true and what matters.As the feast of Pentecost approaches, open our hearts to your Spirit. Amen.

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