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Thursday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Most of us take life for granted. Days pass, years pass, we give them little thought until someone tells us our hair is turning gray and there’s a wrinkle on our face. Then we take a better look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder where the time went so quickly. Even then we expect many more days and years before our turn comes to leave this earth.

People who have been told they only have a few months, maybe at the most a year to live tell us we should value every day that we have. They become aware that every day is a gift from God and are sorry they didn’t appreciate much more the days and years they already had while they were still having them. They might recall the many mornings they complained, like maybe we do, about having to get up and face another day. Now they treasure every day they wake up and feel privileged to have another day to face. They become extremely grateful to God for his gift of every moment.

When we wake up in the morning and find ourselves still alive, God must have a reason for it. There must be something we are supposed to do; someone we are supposed to share ourselves with. The day given us is not to be wasted.

Jesus told us we are to use the day putting his words into practice. We are to use our time to do his Father’s will. Let us learn to look upon each day as a gift. Let us show our appreciation by using all of them as God, our Father, would like us to.

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