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Saturday in the Fifteenth Week of Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Some people can’t stand to see other people do good. If it interferes with their own selfish plans, they do all in their power to ruin the other person. Some of the leaders among the Jews were like that. Jesus was doing good for people; they were beginning to follow him and do what he said. The Pharisees didn’t like that. He was taking the people away from them. They had kept the people under their power and influence for many years, they were using people for their own benefit, they were supposed to be servants of the people but had managed to make the people their servants. Now Jesus was messing that all up.

We are told “they began to plot against Jesus to find a way to destroy him.”

So many good people even today are destroyed by those who find them threats to their selfishness. Some are killed outright; others are maligned by false accusations and news reports. It is not easy to be a person who is sincerely interested in the welfare of others. We know where it got Jesus. They crucified him. Good people can expect opposition and persecution.

But we also know what happened after Jesus was murdered. God raised Jesus from the dead, established his Church on earth, and placed him above all principalities and powers. What happened to those who gave Jesus a hard time, those who maligned and killed him? I hate to think about it.

I hope and pray they saw the light before it was too late. If any of us has ever been responsible for persecuting good people for any reason whatsoever, may we see the light. May we see the light of heaven and seek the forgiveness of heaven.

Let us make up for any injustice we’ve done to others before it is too late. Only the good win out in the end. The bad destine themselves to be eternal losers.

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