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Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My dear encountered couples:

Do you know what day this is? This is your mother’s birthday. Now don’t get all upset thinking you forgot to buy a present or send your mother a card. It’s not your birth mother’s birthday, but then in a sense I guess we could say it is. This is Mary’s birthday, your heavenly mother’s birthday. She’s the mother of your spiritual life, the mother of Jesus who is your spiritual life. So, what are you going to do about it?

What are you going to do for your Mother Mary on her birthday? What is it that would please her and make her day special?

It’s hard to come up with something for someone who has everything, isn’t it? But how about this idea? Give Mary the value of all your prayers and good works. This Mass you are offering has unlimited value. It is Jesus offering himself for the salvation of souls. Instead of your designating exactly what person or intention you wish the value of the Mass to go, why not leave the decision to Mary? Give Mary your privilege of deciding for whom your part in the Mass is to be offered. And do the same with the value of all your prayers and good works today.

After all, who knows better than Mary which people are in immediate need of spiritual help? And who better than Mary knows what will give God the greatest honor and glory?

Let Mary decide what and to whom will go all the value and benefits of your Mass, your prayers, and your good deeds today. Don’t keep to yourself the right to determine who is to benefit from the good you do. Place your prayers and good works in a box, wrap it in pretty paper, tie a blue ribbon around it, and give it to Mary. Then she can enjoy her day by giving to those, who maybe nobody ever prays for, exactly the blessings they need.

Gracious God, we thank and bless you for your caring watch over us. Mary’s birth reminds us of the intricacy of your plans for our healing. We are grateful to be loved as you loved Mary and we acknowledge that love with joy and peace. Thank you for those who teach us, like Mary, to appreciate the beauty of each moment.

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