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Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

My dear encountered couples:

Today the Church honors all the Holy Guardian Angels. Many of us learned about angels at a very young age. Perhaps our parents told us that we had our own “guardian angel.” Or we may have seen religious pictures or we saw statues of angels in church or in our home. We are to honor specially our own. As it is easy to take our closest relatives and friends for granted, it is even easier to take our guardian angels for granted. We can’t see them, and so it might take some reminding to realize they are with us.

Ask yourself: do you believe in angels? Have you had moments in your life when you sensed that an angel was present with you? If so, take a moment and recall that experience. What do you remember about that experience? What was your reaction to this holy presence?

Angels are defined as “a heavenly being who acts as a messenger of God, a kind person, a guardian or a guide.” I assume that for most of us, our angels appear in the guise of a family member, a friend, a spiritual guide or perhaps a stranger. On any given day, any one of these individuals likely will act as a friend or a guide for us.

Now take a moment and ask yourself: Who are the individuals in your life who have been an “angel” to you? Do you recognize the angels in your life today? Some of them may be a family member or an individual you know well. Others may be a stranger you encounter in the grocery store, a park or at the water fountain. The wondrous gift is: you have the opportunity to be an “angel” to individuals you encounter today! What a simple gift to give, yet what a great gift to give to another. The best gifts you can give are your love, care, concern and joy. Be an angel today! And be alert to the individuals who will be angels for you today. Thank God for them!

In conclusion, as we reflect on today’s readings, I invite you to turn with me to today’s responsorial psalm which offers a moving image of God knitting us together in our mother’s womb. Let’s imagine, as God knit each of us together, our guardian angel was also there to guard and love us from the onset of our creation. While we journey through the pandemic and on this very special Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels, our faith tradition reminds us that we are never alone.

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