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Marriage Encounter Movement of California invites and encourages a married man and woman of all faiths to share in this experience and to become an integral part of this movement.


We, of the Marriage Encounter Movement of California, commit ourselves to further strengthen and enhance the sanctity of marriage through continuing dialogue and spiritual growth in a Christ centered community.


To have a new and revitalized Christian marriage founded on solid values, firm principles and steadfast morals that ultimately emanates from the family and benefits both church and society.

  1. Servant Leadership

  2. Respect for Human Dignity

  3. Commitment and Collaboration in Ministry

  4. Stewardship

Jonathan & Lynde Peralta

Married 13 years

“Marriage Encounter not only provided us with the tools to strengthen our marriage, but it also taught us how to communicate our feelings, thoughts and love with each other more effectively.  Without a doubt, Christ as well as MEMC have become instrumental to our successful marriage!”

Andres & Ofelia Morales

Married 34 years

“Marriage Encounter gave us the tools to better our marriage in every possible way.  After 34 years of marriage, we really get to know one another better and loving each other more.”

Roger & Julie Villalva

Married 21 years

“With God in the center of our marital life, our mutual love and spirituality constantly experience tremendous growth.  Together with our children, Julie and I have become deeply involved with our parish and community activities. “MEMC is truly a blessing!”

Mike & Girlie Clavin

Married 25 years

“Our MEMC experience revitalized our relationship which led us to a better appreciation of each other, thus, reaching a new level of understanding.  We are two different persons who became one, with Christ in the center of our marriage.  As members of the MEMC Ministry, we were given a new opportunity to actively serve the Lord through our family, friends and parish community.”

Jose & Martha Ceja

Married 30 years

“Attending the Marriage Encounter Weekend was, by far one of the most important things we have done to improve our marriage. The techniques we learned at our ME Weekend have helped us a great deal.  We could see how much our relationship gets better each day. We have a good marriage not only because of the love we have for each other, but more so, because of the fact that we put God in the center of our lives, making our marriage sacred.”

Henry & Nellie Molina

Married 31 years

“We know that in marriage there are always ups and downs, and we used to handle them like any other couple we knew. Marriage Encounter Weekend gave us the tools to know and understand each other better, thus making our relationship closer and happier.”

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