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Lester Macabasco, son of Babes & Sons Macabasco of MEMC Class 24, needs our help. On December 19, 2016 Lester was diagnosed with Advanced Stage Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma -diffused large B-Cell a very aggressive cancer of the blood. He is currently in treatment. Treatment at this point is 6 rounds Of a Chemotherapy called R-EPOCH. The treatment requires that he become hospitalized for each round 5-6days in a row hooked up to Chemo 24hrs round the clock. Due to the side effects he is unable to work during this time. He had to file for short term disability and his job only approved him for 30 days worth of pay. Since he hasn't been employed for less than a year, he was taken off pay roll. He will pay out of pocket to continue his current medical insurance as well as pay for his $3,000 co-pays and satisfy the out of pocket maximum.  And $500 each day he goes to the doctor between treatments.  He has cut down his visits to the doctor because he has drained his savings.  Can you please consider making a financial contribution - perhaps monthly in the next 4 months to help them?

Lester Macabasco

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma


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