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Don't Let Sea-Sickness Get To You

Tuesday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Soon after we feel solid in our faith, overflowing with sunny feelings and love for everybody, our faith gets tested. The good feelings go away; doubts of God protecting us come on strong. What is happening to upset my peace of mind … and why?

From experience, we all find that life is a series of waves that lift us and lower us. Sometimes we are on the top of those waves gliding along, in control, like master surfers. Other times we find ourselves at the bottom, surfboard and all, like our feet have slipped.

When we are on top gliding along smoothly, it is God doing most of the work. When on the bottom, it is we who must struggle. We are to grab on to the lifesaving teachings of Christ and let them guide us to shore - or to at least the top of the next wave. Up we are, down we go. It is the effort we put into the down moments that determine how high we rise in the end.

Jesus came down the mountain of Transfiguration with his disciples who were feeling great - only to soon tell them, “The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men who will put him to death.” They didn’t want to hear that. We are told, “Though they failed to understand his words, they were afraid to question him.

We might not be able to understand the faith-testing in our lives. But like the apostles we must stick with Christ at the bottom of the waves as well as on top. Try not to let seasickness discourage you.

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