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Set Things Right

Tuesday in the Third Week of Lent (A)

My dear encountered couples:

It is not easy to untangle the web we sometimes weave. Through Isaiah God tells us to “wash ourselves clean!” “Put away your misdeeds,” he says, “cease doing evil; learn to do good.” We all get the urge and enthusiasm at times to turn over a new leaf, to never again do anything bad, to live a nice, good, clean life of love and concern. But God doesn’t stop there with his advice.

He continues by saying, “Come now, let us set things right. Though your sins be like scarlet, they may become white as snow.” It is not merely a matter of starting all over and leading good lives, but we are to “set things right” that we’ve already done wrong. If we’ve offended anyone, we’re supposed to go and patch up the hurt. If we’ve stolen or defrauded or damaged, we’re supposed to do our best to pay it back, to fix it. If we’ve told a lie, we’re supposed to attempt a retraction and replace it with the truth. All that we’ve done wrong is to be redone right - if at all possible.

That is very, very difficult. Ever try to make up with offended relatives? Ever try to apologize to someone who’s really angry deep down? To right wrongs is much, much harder than to not do them again. The effort itself can make such an impression on us that we might resolve much more sincerely to shape up our lives.

Think about it. See what you can bring yourself to do. “Come now,” says our Lord and God, “let us set things right.” Notice he says, us. God wants to help you do it. Let him.

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