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Why Not My Way?

Thursday in the Third Week of Lent (A)

My dear encountered couples:

Yesterday we read where Moses told the people to observe the laws of God and promised them much better lives on earth if they would. Jesus followed that up with a promise of greatness in heaven for those who would be faithful to all of God’s laws.

Today Jeremiah lets us know that the Jewish people were not keeping God’s laws. So, through Jeremiah this is what God said: “The people obeyed not...they walked in the hardness of their evil hearts and turned their backs, not their faces, to me...This is a nation which does not listen to the voice of the Lord, its God, or take correction. Faithfulness has disappeared; the word itself is banished from their speech.”

Do we listen to God? Do we take the words and teachings of Christ seriously? I don’t mean just once in awhile. I mean each and every day - all day long.

Lent is our big time of the year for finding out and doing something about it. We must study what God tells us to do, and do our best, in spite of any feelings to the contrary, to live according to God’s ways. We must learn to bite the proverbial bullet when God tells us one thing while we feel like doing another. Never prefer anything to God’s thing.

Listen to what Jesus says today: “The man who is not with me is against me. The man who does not gather with me scatters.” Are you ever opposed to Christ? If so, why? Because you are wiser than he is? Or because you really don’t believe him? Good idea to figure it all out while you still have time.

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