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They Hurt Him

Thursday in the Fifth Week of Lent

Scriptural readings: Genesis 17:3-9; Psalm 105:4-5, 6-7, 8-9; John 8:51-59

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus said, “If a man is true to my word he shall never see death.” You and I know that everybody dies sooner or later. Who Jesus is talking about are those who believe in him and love him. It is their lives that will be worth living after their time is up here on earth. The others may wish they weren’t still living.

Everybody continues living after they have left earth. None of us will ever go out of existence. Once we were created we were given life that would never end. But can it be called “LIFE” if it is not lived with God? Let us hope we never find out.

Everybody dies a physical death, everybody goes on living afterwards - forever. Jesus did not come so that we don’t die a physical death, he came to make sure we don’t die a spiritual death. He came to make it possible that our eternity will be worth living. He came to make it possible for our unending lives in eternity to be like the best of dreams, instead of like the worst of nightmares. There is no escape from existence for any of us. Some people commit suicide in an effort to escape their existence, but that doesn’t work. They go on living. They leave problems behind them here on earth, only to enter another world where only they can tell us what they find.

Life goes on, but God has arranged it so that how it goes on depends on how we live here. “If a man is true to my word,” Jesus said, “he shall never see death.” Let us be very sure we do our best to be true to his word. Physical death will be bad enough; we certainly don’t want to experience a spiritual one.


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