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Are You Going With God?

Monday of the Second Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Since the beginning of time, the mortality rate for the human race has been a perfect 100%. The only question for each of us is “when” not “whether.”

But just to make sure we don't forget our mortality, life has a way of reminding us from time to time. We get sick, we get depressed, we lose our loves, or we experience dramatic reversals of fortune. And we feel as if we may die, or even wish that we would.

Into all of those circumstances, the resurrection of Jesus speaks eloquently: Though it may feel like it, this is not the end. You were made for something much more than suffering and death.

God does not inflict troubles and sufferings upon us, but in ways that we often cannot fully understand, God allows these things for a larger purpose yet to be revealed.

Somehow, everything that happens can in the long run be made to work for the good, if we trust the Lord's promise of life and then lay ourselves open to working through life's inevitable pains and disasters with His help. There is no predicting how long it will take. Only God knows that. But it will happen.

If we go with God, there is a purpose in every event and in every day. Trust that and your own entrance into the Lord's resurrection will begin now and will draw nearer day by day.

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